photo by caylie hausman in puerto vallarta, jalisco, mexico

Filling up
all the vases
in my changing spaces

like I have a secret
admirer, but,
it’s me.

I’m addicted to
The Flower Shop Down the Street
and the cobblestone

that rattles from head to toe;
more suited for mules
than horsepower.



the sky above remains the same
even when
my skin sheds completely

every 7 years.
I regenerate slowly
extracting the pieces of you

from my sky
while I hold hands with the ground
and watch the palm trees blow

in the sky
laying in the sun
listening to Billie Holiday and Friends

wondering how
I ever thought my heart
was complete without this moment

and there are no traces of
you here
but I still wonder what dream

I’m living in
as I hold hands with the ground
and watch the sky sway with the breeze

just as I do,
just as I do

existing with the
soundtrack of Billie Holiday and Friends and sirens and birds,
just as I do.



photo by caylie hausman

Even the trees
are too cold to shiver.
Silently still

until a burst of
wind reminds you
it’s a window

and not a painting
until you realized
everything is freezing

(as if you are moving
toward the center
of time to stand still forever)

and out there everything inches
toward standing still
until it’s time for growth.

I wish I could
bring in the many landscapes
and offer them a warm place

to rest until
they were ready
to be warm again on their own.

But you are a landscape
and I am a person,
and this is real

–not a painting
as the window would
have me believe.

The snow flutters
to remind me there
is air here.

Nearly frozen air.
Even gravity
needs a break




photo by caylie hausman in june 2020, kcmo plaza BLM protests

the world has been watching
US, we

have been watching us.
and now

we have


The Work is

but the

H o p e
in it all

has been

after 4 long years.
we have been watching,

we have been

you have been telling us to
“Smile” because

we “look prettier
that way.”

here we are,

and yet

you don’t seem
to think we’re

pretty at all.
You should

Smile, you

look nicer
that way.

Or maybe you
should just

get out.
Vote your

heart out,
make the change.

Let’s welcome US
to the 21st century.

Let’s welcome
US, all

of US,
in our new home for the first time.

It’s okay it’ll
take some time

to get used to,
we’ll figure out the Joy

the way.



caylie hausman

caylie hausman

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