photograph by Caylie Hausman


You wanted
And despite
my best act
I could not be that,
Even For You.

I tried,
I really did,
but I’ve discovered
permanence isn’t
a place for me.

It Is For You.
It Is Your Place.
And that is
why you love
Her, and I concede

fully and with
the happiest of
hearts, because you
deserve the love

that only
can provide.
Not wishy-washy,
flying solely


never knowing
if tomorrow will hold

anything close
to the same,
as when I held you
and longed for the
same permanence to stay.

I wanted so badly
to be yours,
to be permanent. Your permanent.
The thing that sticks.
If I can’t be that

I’m glad
can be.
I’m happy you’re

I hope
You found
the permanence
you sought, permeating
through your life.

giving you
exactly what you
want, and deserve.
a love until
the end.



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