photo by caylie hausman

something about cold

Even the trees
are too cold to shiver.
Silently still

until a burst of
wind reminds you
it’s a window

and not a painting
until you realized
everything is freezing

(as if you are moving
toward the center
of time to stand still forever)

and out there everything inches
toward standing still
until it’s time for growth.

I wish I could
bring in the many landscapes
and offer them a warm place

to rest until
they were ready
to be warm again on their own.

But you are a landscape
and I am a person,
and this is real

–not a painting
as the window would
have me believe.

The snow flutters
to remind me there
is air here.

Nearly frozen air.
Even gravity
needs a break




to see more work from the multidisciplinary artist, designer and writer caylie hausman please visit

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