model courtney collado // photo caylie hausman

stars & wishes & addi(c)tion by subtraction, feat dreams

the larger the ability
to effect change,
to do good

the larger the ability
to create chaos,
A K A bad.

How do you balance
the good with the bad?
How do you know

which side to be on
when everything is more
connected & complicated

than it seems


when the villains have
a backstory


2+2 doesn’t always
equal four…

sometimes even
our own subconscious
Fucks us up.

Brings us into
our worst
unrealized fears

and then
leaves behind
fear of

knowing over
not knowing.
Insanity is to

try to find
the sides of
good & bad,

it doesn’t
add up; it doesn’t
create a clear picture.

there are some times
where you must stop
for the night

that turns into a week
that becomes a year.

It’s okay to take the time.

Just heed
time’s warning
that it doesn’t stay, s t i l l.

Distant and fading fast,
watching you go
with my arm outstretched

I feel time start
to restart
and rearrange

and the

Just heed
time’s warning
that you won’t stay still.

Clear as day
without them,
we are just as we’ve

always been.
Not equaling 4.
But also not quite
equaling anything.

as a 1, complete
on a half–

Complete? is a myth.
Just as a shadow is
the absence of light–

yet a light
is needed
for the shadow to




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